A call to action: Community Connectors

community-connect3A core principal to our approach in building an effective advocacy group is to help unite our community for a shared cause/purpose through fostering opportunities for strong community outreach and engagement. The key to this approach? connecting the many neighborhoods and organizations throughout the Greater Miami region, working together to help recognize and preserve architecturally significant and historically relevant sites and structures. To bring such a plan to life, a grass-roots approach can be an effective and efficient tool to collect and share important information helping to facilitate greater awareness and participation. To this point, Preservation Miami would greatly appreciate your help!

A call to action: Community Connectors

To conneccommunity-connect1t the many wonderful and unique neighborhoods throughout Miami-Dade, Preservation Miami is launching our Community Connectors program. We are looking for volunteers (or nominations) to serve as liaisons for their respected neighborhoods or associated organizations. The task? to share general news and updates or any other pertinent information about various issues or upcoming events that are relevant to one’s neighborhood. Preservation Miami will help disseminate this information to the greater community of historic preservation enthusiast via our website, e-newsletter, and social media.

If you would like to volunteer or know of an individual that you would nominate, please send us an email to info@preservationmiami.org and be sure to include contact information.

Many thanks!

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