Preservation Strategies: Social Media

social_media_strategy111With the arrival of the new year, we take time to review some of our strategies in building a strong and united advocacy for Historic Preservation throughout our community. To establish and implement an effective communications network is key to providing a foundation for future success in preservation efforts. The use of Social Media, and engagement thereof, represents one of many tools available to Preservation Miami to share important information, news, updates, and event details.

To this point, we have worked on building a strong audience on Facebook and would encourage everyone to subscribe to Preservation Miami’s Facebook Page as well as to invite others to do the same. Facebook and other social media services allow us to quickly post and disseminate pertinent information to a large audience.

We do realize that not everyone connects with, or wants to be a part of Facebook, so we have launched a new feature on our website that makes the Facebook feed available to all! Find it here: Preservation Miami Facebook Feed. This feature will be updated and enhanced over the next few weeks.

A few final thoughts:

We do have a Twitter Account: (@PreservationMIA) We will be re-launching a monthly E-Newsletter & Preservation Alert system. Preservation Miami will continue to explore other tools and social media services to expand the reach of our messages and efforts!

Happy 2015!

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