Preservation Alert: Miami-Dade Ordinance Hearing

This Wednesday, December 17th at 2pm, a public hearing will be held to change the County’s Historic Preservation ordinance allowing cities to opt-out from being under the County’s jurisdiction. The proposed changes are a direct result of developers finding fault with, and trying to counter, preservation efforts in select parts of the county.

As currently written, this proposed revision would be disastrous for the strong preservation program that has been built up by the county. The proposed revision does not require cities who “opt-out” to have the same high standards in their preservation program that are currently used in the County ordinance.

The public hearing to discuss this item is this WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, at 2:00 pm in the COUNTY COMMISSION CHAMBERS. It will be the first item on the agenda.

The public hearing will be heard by the Cultural Affairs and Recreation Committee. (CARC). There are only four commissioners on this committee. If the item is denied at the public hearing (only two commissioners need to vote “NO,”) then the item will die and it will not move forward to the second reading with the full commission.

It will be easier to defeat this effort with only four voting commissioners as opposed to thirteen. This is why YOUR VOICE is greatly needed!

Please call or email the commissioners ahead of time to tell them you OBJECT to the proposed revision to the Historic Preservation ordinance as the revision was done in haste and without input from the preservation community or preservation professionals.

If you can, PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING on Wednesday. There will be T-shirts for the first 60 people who attend. It is a busy time of year with the holidays right around the corner, but it is important not to allow the private interest of a few dictate how the county ordinance is rewritten.


Commissioner Jean Monestime,, (305) 375-4833
Commissioner Xavier Suarez,, (305) 375-5680
Senator Javier Souto,, (305) 375-4835
Commissioner Barbara Jordan,, (305) 375-5694

It is of great importance that these commissioners understand the revisions were not made with guidance from preservation professionals or the preservation community. If cities are going to be given the opportunity to opt-out from under the county, the time needs to be taken to craft language to ensure that cities who choose this option will actually do so for the right reasons.

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